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IMM is an established metal recycler providing over 20 years of recycling experience to our customers.

Whether you are looking to sell aluminium cans, copper or steel you can rely on us to be your professional recycling partner and pay competitive prices.

We buy, haul, process and recycle scrap metal from the general public as well as from businesses.


Recycling has become increasingly important to society and industry to meet the goals of cost reduction, efficient management of limited resources, and reduced landfill utilization. We are accustomed to hearing the three R’s of recycling – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Recycling metal reduces pollution, saves resources, reduces waste going to landfills and prevents the destruction of habitats from mining new ore.

“Scrap-recycling facilities are like mines above ground, rich with resources that can be reused to preserve the environment, at a fraction of the cost to mine and refine metals from virgin ores. Scrap metal is not waste or trash. Rather, it is a continuous resource – made from old automobiles, appliances, buildings, bridges, airplanes and more. Scrap metal may, in fact, be one of our most precious resources. Because it can be re-melted and reshaped into new products countless times, scrap metal is a resource that will never be depleted.”

Reducing Emissions

The scrap metal recycling industry consumes a lot less energy as well as being more efficient than actually extracting and refining raw materials through traditional mining processes. 

Although scrap metal recycling also requires fossil fuel inputs it is less energy-intensive than mining. This does not cause groundwater pollution or create physical scars on the environment which can take hundreds of years to recover. Recycling plants don’t need massive open-pit mines to function.

The mining and processing of new metal releases a much larger amount of greenhouse gas emissions as compared to recycling metals. These emissions tend to influence climate change in a negative way as well as causing harmful air pollution in the cities, which can lead to respiratory health problems for you and other city dwellers.

Energy Conservation

Mining produces a number of environmental hazards, including groundwater pollution and poisonous runoff. Mining also requires tremendous amounts of energy. Fortunately, scrap metal recycling also has the benefit of reducing the amount of energy required to manufacture many of our everyday metal products. Metal recycling saves up to 92% of the energy required to mine and process aluminum, and up to 90% of the energy used for copper. The energy saved by scrap metal recycling not only reduced greenhouse emissions, but also allows our country’s energy resources to be reallocated to more worthwhile endeavors.

Economic Development

Companies Can Sell Their Scrap Metal

Scrap metal used to be nothing more than lost profit. Companies paid for the metal they needed, but only used a portion of it, having to throw the scrap away. Now, they can turn their trash into profit by selling their scrap metal to those who want to recycle it and use it for new purposes.

Other Companies Can Produce New Items More Cheaply

The companies who purchase scrap metal for recycling can then use this cheaper metal to reduce their costs. This nets them larger profits while also making it possible to offer their goods at a lower cost to consumers. And when consumers have more money to spend, they usually do, leading to benefits to the economy at large.

Scrap Metal Recycling Is a Big Business

While recycling scrap metal benefits the companies selling and purchasing the scraps, it also creates an entire industry around recycling the metal. As of 2011, more than 450,000 jobs were sustained by the scrap metal recycling industry, and these numbers have continued to rise over the passing years.


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